Ruth Ann Arthurs

Renee Atkins

The BaileysJim and Patty Bailey

Ernest and Darlene Bauserman Ontario

the BellsRussell and Mamie Bell United States

Roger and Mary Bergman Spain

Kris and Rose Marie BlumerKris and Rose Marie Blumer Peru

Al & Helga BonikowskyAl and Helga Bonikowsky

Andy & Mimi BonikowskyAndy and Mimi Bonikowsky Spain

David and Raquel Bonikowsky Spain

Leslie and Amy Bourdess Alaska

John and Christa Boylston Pohnpei

Matthew and Brittany (Nikki) Brown Cambodia

Markie and Christy Bullock Spain

Joe and Carolyn Cannon North Carolina

Melissa CarlsonMelissa Carlson Sweden

The ClinesStanley and Marvine Cline Virginia

Tatiana Cordeiro Brazil

Allinson and Floretta DaCosta Nevis

Fred III and Brittany Daniel Mexico

The David FamilyCharles and Abigail David India

Michael and Honorah Deatrick Solomon Islands

Joel and Cynthia Dickens Brazil

Jedidias and Gloria Duarte Brazil

Gabriel and Susan Eiben Pohnpei

Clayton and Linda Eliam Pohnpei

The FeghalysEdgar and Rosann Feghaly Middle East Outreach

Daniel and Megan Fetter Kosrae

Seth and Kaitlin Folkers Cameroon

The FranksEric and Molly Franks India

The Frys 2015Nathan and Hannah Fry

The Futrells 2015Arnold and Shirley Futrell

Mike and Kristen Gali Chile

Timothy and Stephanie Germano Dominican Republic

Kelly and Becca Gilliam Australia

Guy and Marilyn Grenade Mauritius

The GrovesMichael and Nancy Grove New Zealand

Jamil Hadad Syria

The Haddad Family 2014Ghassan and Ghada Haddad Middle East Outreach

Doltan HeathDalton and Norma Heath United States

Adrian and Emma Hendricks India

Lewis and Kim Howell New Zealand

Jack and Jonnie Hunt North Carolina

Elwood and Doris Hurst United States

Stephen and Charity Jenney Southwestern U.S.

William and Lihner Joel Pohnpei

The JohnstonsNorman and Joy Johnston North Carolina

Randall JordanRandall and Linda Jordan United States

Roy KeiserRoy and Lou Ann Keiser Spain

Lisa KendrickLisa Kendrick Germany

Jeremy and Tonya Kenney Ghana

Ruby Kersey

The Keith Klaus FamilyKeith and Julia Klaus Germany

Stephen and Julie Knickerbocker Burkina Faso

Ramesh and Christina Kumar India

Jeremy Lockhart familyJeremy and Esther Lockhart United States

Carrie Mathena Grenada

Robert and Pat Mathena Grenada

Jacob and Shera McKinney Bolivia

Sammy and Connie McNeill Youth

The MercersAllen and Marion Mercer Republic of South Africa

The Milgrim FamilyGeorge and Patricia Milgrim Hawaii

Gerald MosherGerald Mosher Nova Scotia

Francis and Leena Newton India

John and Kim O’Malley United States

Rolando & Hannah Ortiz Mexico

Rick and Brenda Osborn Liberia, Ghana

Sonny and Lihna Padock Pohnpei

Jack and Melinda Peeler Nukuoro

Ethan and Brittany Prater Dominican Republic

David PrestonDavid and Millie Preston Utah

David and Melissa Price France

Sean and Tammy Quinlan Guam

David and Heidi Racke Florida

Joshua and Vashtee Rhoades Guyana

Michael and April Riffel Japan

Matthew and Rebecca Rose Kenya

The Sanchez Family to SpainAlejandro and Josefina Sanchez Spain

Omar and Tracy Schrock Brazil

Jerrel K., Sr. and Delia Shaw Mexico

The Jerry Shaw FamilyJerry, Jr. and Itzen Shaw Mexico

Mike and Sue Smith Arizona

Joel & Noel Smothers Brazil

Nick and Lindsey StelzigNick and Lindsey Stelzig Boston

Josh and Joanna Town Philadelphia

Ricardo and Antelise Vera Cruz Pohnpei

Stephen and Anelly Villareal Mexico

Joshua and Sarah Wagar Chuuk

Michael and Mona Ward Middle East Outreach

Jimmy and Sharon Watson Arizona

Isamo and Esther Welles Pohnpei

Danny WhetstoneDanny and Darleen Whetstone United States

Ernest and Nancy Wyrick Alaska

Georg and Opal Zimmer West Indies

Mark and Diane Zimmer Yap

The Paul Zimmer FamilyPaul and Sherry Zimmer Yap