Our By-Laws


ARTICLE I – Name of Corporation

This Corporation shall be known as World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions, Inc. (Hereinafter Agency.)

ARTICLE II – Purpose and Identification

    1. Our Purpose is to help churches get their missionaries to the mission field.
    2. Our Ministry affiliation is defined by our Articles of Faith. (See Article XVIII Below).

ARTICLE III – The Guiding Principles of this Agency

Inasmuch as it is the desire of this Agency to perpetuate and strengthen New Testament Church Missions, therefore be it resolved that the Guiding Principles of this Agency shall be:

    1. The Lord Jesus Christ shall always be its Head.
    2. The Word of God shall always be its authority.
    3. The Holy Spirit shall always be its guide.

ARTICLE IV – Personnel of this Agency

Also realizing that God uses His men to carry forth His work, this Agency shall have the following Personnel (with the term “Personnel” sometimes used in these Bylaws to refer to all or any of the following positions and offices of the Agency):

    1. Board of Directors (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the “Executive Board”)
    2. Board of Reference
    3. Administrative Officers
    4. Representatives
    5. Missionaries
    6. Associate Missionaries

ARTICLE V – Description and Qualifications of the Executive Board

    1. The entire work of this Agency shall be managed by an Executive Board, which shall have not less than five (5), or more than fifteen (15) members.
    2. The Executive Board may elect new members by a two-thirds vote of those present at any Executive Board meeting.
    3. The qualifications of an Executive Board Member are:
      1. Executive Board Members must give evidence of having had a personal experience in the new birth of Jesus Christ.
      2. Executive Board Members must be in complete agreement with the Articles of Faith of this Agency (see Article XVIII below), and must sign a statement of their loyalty to such every year.
      3. An Executive Board Member must be a male, ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He must be commissioned to serve with World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions by an Independent Fundamental Baptist church in agreement with the Articles of Faith of this Agency. Furthermore, he must either currently serve or have previously served in the pastoral ministry of an Independent Fundamental Baptist church.
    4. The Executive Board, by vote of two-thirds of the members present at any regular or special meeting, may remove any Director, with or without cause and for any reason.
    5. Any Executive Board Member who fails to attend three (3) consecutive Executive Board meetings without good excuse shall thereby automatically forfeit his position, and a vacancy shall be declared by the Executive Board.

ARTICLE VI – Description and Qualifications of the Board of Reference

    1. The Agency shall also have a Board of Reference with each member elected by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.
    2. The Qualifications for members of the Board of Reference shall be the same as those for Executive Board members.
    3. The purpose of the Board of Reference is as follows:
      1. To allow members to observe and learn about our Agency,
      2. To provide a multitude of counselors to offer advice to this Agency, and
      3. To provide a pool of men already informed on our practices and history from which the future Executive Board Members may be elected.
    4. Members of the Board of Reference serve at the pleasure and in the sole discretion of the Executive Board and may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board. Members of the Board of Reference shall have no voting authority with regard to the Agency.

ARTICLE VII – Election of Officers and Representatives

All Officers and Representatives of the Agency mentioned in Articles VIII and X below, shall be elected by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board Members.

ARTICLE VIII – Description of the Officers of the Executive Board

The following Officers shall be elected from among the Executive Board members:

    1. A Chairman, who shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Agency. He shall act as presiding officer of all meetings, except at such times when he appoints another to act in his stead. His term of service shall be until resignation, death, or dismissal by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board which may be for cause or without cause.
    2. A Secretary/Treasurer, who shall oversee the keeping of careful records of all business transactions and shall maintain a current list of all members of the Executive Board with their addresses, and bring a report to the final business meeting each year on the progress of the Agency. It shall also be his responsibility to record minutes at all board meetings. He shall be responsible to the Agency for the supervision of all monies received and disbursed. All funds received by the Agency shall be deposited in the bank(s). The Secretary/Treasurer shall insure that accurate records of all receipts and disbursements are kept and make such reports as the President shall require or as required by the Executive Board. The Secretary/Treasurer may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board with or without cause.
    3. The Vice Chairman of the Executive Board shall act as presiding officer of all meetings in the absence of the Chairman.  His term of service shall be until resignation, death, or dismissal by a 2/3 vote of the Executive Board, which may be with or without cause.
    4. The Second Vice Chairman of the Executive Board shall act as presiding officer of all meetings in the absence of the Chairman and the Vice Chairman.  His term of service shall be until resignation, death, or dismissal by a 2/3 vote of the Executive Board, which may be with or without cause.

ARTICLE IX – Executive Board Meetings

    1. The Executive Board of this Agency shall meet bi-annually or as deemed necessary, and the date of each meeting shall be set by the Chairman. Each member of both the Executive and Reference Boards shall be notified by the Chairman either by mail, email, or the telephone, giving the time, place, and date of the meeting.
    2. Fifty Percent (50%) of the active members shall constitute a quorum for all meetings of the Executive Board.
    3. Items on the agenda at any meeting of the Executive Board shall require a two-thirds vote of the members present in order to be adopted as policy for this Agency.
    4. The minutes of the previous meeting shall be presented at each Executive Board meeting, and a vote shall be taken to approve the minutes.
    5. An unscheduled Board Meeting may be called by the Chairman or by 1/3 of the Executive Board Members agreeing to call a meeting for a specified purpose. Each member of both the Executive Board and the Board of Reference shall be notified by either mail, email, or telephone giving the time, place, and date of the meeting. Fifty percent (50%) of the active Executive Board members shall constitute a quorum for all meetings of the Executive Board.

ARTICLE X – Description of Representatives

In addition to the above Officers, the Executive Board may appoint men, not necessarily from their ranks, who may serve as a Representative or Administrative Officer for the Agency. Each Representative, in addition to other responsibilities, shall be involved in promoting revival and the work of missions in fundamental churches, and enlisting new missionaries.

    1. The qualifications of an Administrative Officer or Representative are:
      1. Each must give evidence of having had a personal experience in the new birth of Jesus Christ.
      2. Each must be in complete agreement with the Articles of Faith of this Agency, and must sign a statement of their loyalty to such every year.
    2. Administrative Officers may include the following:
      1. President, who shall be the primary administrative officer of the corporation. He will work directly under the Executive Board and the Chairman of the Board. His term of service shall be until resignation, death, or dismissal by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board which may be for cause or without cause. The President will have the general oversight of the Agency. The President may consecutively serve as an Executive Board Member.
      2. General Director, who shall carry out the day-to-day operation of the Agency. He will work directly under the President. His term of service shall be until resignation, death, or dismissal by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board, which may be for cause or without cause. He shall have oversight of the office staff and other Representatives, and shall have the liberty to carry out the wishes of the Executive Board in the daily operation of the Agency.
    3. Designated Representatives may include the following. Their terms of service shall be determined by the Executive Board. They shall serve under the direction of the President and/or the General Director.
      1. Deputation Representative.
        His duties shall be to raise funds for the Agency, to teach missionary candidates the art of raising their support, and to assist missionaries in whatever capacity is deemed necessary by the Executive Board, President and/or the General Director.
      2. Education Representative.
        His primary duties shall be to contact schools, fellowships, and churches to make others aware of the needs of missions around the world.
      3. Special Assignment Representatives
        These Representatives may be appointed as the need arises. Their duties shall be determined by the Executive Board at the time of their appointment.

ARTICLE XI – Description of Missionaries and their Qualifications

Missionaries with this Agency are commissioned out of Independent Fundamental Baptist churches to proclaim the Gospel and fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Missionary Candidates seeking association with this Agency must meet the following qualifications:

    1. He/she must have a clear testimony of salvation and call to the ministry into which he/she is entering. (Colossians 3:17,23)
    2. He/she must have true convictions concerning the Articles of Faith of this Agency as stated below in ARTICLE XVIII. These include Biblical separation from apostasy including worldliness, Liberalism, Modernism, Neo-Orthodoxy, or Neo-Evangelicalism. All missionaries serving with this Agency will sign their loyalty to these Articles each year.
    3. He/she must be a member of and commissioned by a church that is Independent Fundamental Baptist in doctrine, polity, name, and association. Furthermore, the sending church must be aware of their missionary’s required agreement with the Articles of Faith of World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions. This is to preserve the doctrine and identification of this Agency.
    4. He/she must have the recommendation and endorsement without reservation of his/her pastor and church under whom he/she served, or in the case of a pastor, the endorsement of the Executive Board and his church.
    5. The Executive Board will not receive applications from missionary candidates who are divorced or divorced and re-married or married to a divorcee.
    6. He/she must complete and submit an application to this agency. In the case of a married couple, the wife shall not be required to submit a separate doctrinal questionnaire from that of her husband’s.
    7. Following a review of the application, the candidate shall be interviewed by delegates of the Executive Board and/or Representatives, hereinafter, called an Interview Committee, in addition to his home pastor. If feasible, this interview shall take place at his sending church. In the case of a married couple, the wife shall be required to attend and participate in this interview.
    8. At the time of his/her interview, the Missionary Candidate must agree to the following Policies:
      1. To maintain adequate health insurance coverage for him(her)self and his/her family.
      2. To maintain return passage funds in escrow before leaving to serve overseas.
      3. To raise 5% above his/her needed support to support the General Fund of this Agency.
      4. To attend this Agency’s Candidate School and Family Fellowship Week meetings as directed by the Executive Board.
      5. To peacefully withdraw him(her)self from this Agency if for any reason he/she finds that he/she cannot stand with this Agency.
      6. This Agency also strongly suggests that the Missionary Candidate agree to execute documents appointing an agent to act for him or her with regard to medical and financial decisions in the event of incapacity, to maintain Life Insurance Coverage, and to execute a Will for the distribution of assets.
      7. The only approved Bible for English use is the King James Version.
    9. Following the interview, and upon recommendation by the Interview Committee, the Candidate must have approval by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.
    10. Following his/her acceptance with this Agency, Missionaries agree to follow the guidelines set forth in these Articles, as well as other published policies and procedures of this Agency.
    11. The term of service for a Missionary shall be until resignation, death, or dismissal by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board, which may be for cause or without cause and for any reason.
    12. Single lady missionaries must work with an entity approved by the Executive Board.
    13. We will only accept applications from U.S. Citizens.

ARTICLE XII – Missionary Education and Training

Education and training of each Missionary will be considered on his or her individual background and needs. Recommended education and training for all Missionaries prior to their leaving for the field is as follows:

    1. Academics: Each Missionary should have a working knowledge of the Word of God, such as would typically be gained from formal training in the Word of God.
    2. Practical Training: Recognizing the Biblical example of Paul’s training of Titus, it is suggested that each Missionary should spend at least some time working under a pastor in an Independent Fundamental Baptist church.
    3. Further Courses or Studies may be recommended by the Executive Board at the time of the Interview.
    4. This Agency’s Candidate School and Family Fellowship Week Meetings are also considered to be a part of the Missionary’s training and education.

ARTICLE XIII – Missionary Finances and Support

    1. Deputation: While all Representatives of this Agency should help those on deputation in forming an itinerary, it is the prime responsibility of the Missionary him(her)self to seek our Lord’s leading and guidance in making contacts and arranging meetings. In the event of the death of a missionary, WWNTBM will receive and distribute their remaining support to the surviving widow, or in the case of a single, to their ongoing ministry, for the remainder of the quarter in which the death occurs. Upon approval and guidance by the sending pastor, we will consider the surviving widow to have missionary status upon completion of necessary relationship documents, without the need for an application or interview process.
    2. The amount of necessary support for individual missionaries or families will be determined by his/her pastor, and will then be approved by the Executive Board.
    3. Missionaries are at liberty to receive support from churches which are Baptistic in their doctrine and polity, although not Baptist in name.
    4. Missionaries are not to seek or accept support from any church, churches, or groups who knowingly are a part of or are in sympathy with neo—evangelicalism, modernism, liberalism, or any other scripturally unsound doctrine or practice, including those churches that are charismatic or Southern Baptist.
    5. This Agency cannot assume responsibility for ransom for its personnel but will make every effort possible to secure their release. This Agency believes that to pay ransom would jeopardize other missionaries and encourage other terrorism. A Missionary traveling to an area where kidnapping is possible should determine if insurance for ransom payments is available or advisable.
    6. This agency has full control of the donated funds and discretion as to their use.
    7. In the event that funds are received by this Agency, and the contributor and suggested designation is unknown or unnamed, the funds will be used to help other missionary endeavors, as our Lord so directs.
    8. In the event that our Lord has not supplied necessary support for any Missionary within 24 months of the time he/she begins deputation, the President and/or General Director will review the Missionary’s situation. If said support is not received within 36 months, the situation will be brought before the Executive Board, which will recommend a course of action.

ARTICLE XIV – Description of Associate Missionaries

    1. The Associate Missionary position is available to those who
      1. Are seeking the Lord’s will concerning full-time missionary work, and/or who
      2. Are interested in serving in the area of missions on a short term basis.
    2. Associate Missionaries must meet all of the qualifications of a Missionary as listed in Article XI above. However, in lieu of the full application and interview process the following will instead apply:
      1. The Associate Candidate will complete the preliminary application.
      2. Following a review of the preliminary application the Associate Candidate will be interviewed by at least one Representative or Executive Board Member of the Agency.
      3. Upon the recommendation of the interviewer, the Associate Candidate may be appointed by the Chairman.
    3. Associate Missionaries will serve for a specific period to be agreed upon at the time of his/her appointment. At the end of this period he/she may either resign or seek full Missionary status with this Agency, upon which time he/she must complete the entire application process.

ARTICLE XV – Discipline of a Missionary or an Associate Missionary

    1. Discipline of a Missionary or an Associate Missionary, when necessary, is to be administered through the missionary’s home church.
    2. If and when differences between the missionary, his home church, and/or this Agency reach a level that cannot be resolved, the Agency will terminate its relationship with said missionary by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.

ARTICLE XVI – Resignation of a Missionary or an Associate Missionary

A Missionary, or an Associate Missionary, may resign by submitting in writing a letter of resignation.

ARTICLE XVII – Suspension and Expulsion of Personnel

    1. The Chairman may suspend any Personnel with pay, with or without cause, for any reason he deems sufficient until the next regular or emergency meeting of the Executive Board, where details of the situation will be reviewed. The suspended person and/or his/her pastor may be asked to attend such meeting, or may be asked to appear before the Executive Board for examination and/or explanation of the situation at a later specified time.
    2. The Executive Board shall have the power to remove or terminate the employment of any Personnel of the Agency.
    3. Any Mission Personnel, including, but not limited to, an employee, board member, board of reference member, officer, representative, or volunteer member who violates section Article XVIII D. 1-3 of the Missions Articles of faith regarding Human Sexuality shall be terminated from employment or removed from office without pay by the President.  It will be recommended he/she submit to his/her local church for discipline and restoration as a believer.

ARTICLE XVIII – Articles of Faith and Doctrine

NOTE: A full and complete Statement of Faith and Doctrine is available upon request by emailing info@wwntbm.net.

All Personnel of the Agency shall subscribe to the Statement of Faith and Doctrine, herein called the Articles of Faith:

    1. We believe the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament to be the verbal and plenary inspired Word of God.  The Scriptures are inerrant, infallible and God-breathed, and therefore are the final authority for faith and life. (II Peter 1:19-21; II Timothy 3:15-17) The sixty-six books of the Old and New Testament are the complete and divine revelation of God to Man. The Scriptures shall be interpreted according to their normal grammatical-historical meaning. (II Timothy 3:15-17; II Peter 1:19-21)
      1. The Masoretic Text of the Old Testament and the Received Text of the New Testament (Textus Receptus) are those texts of the original languages we accept and use.
      2. Therefore, we believe the Word of God is preserved in the King James Version for English speaking people. The only approved Bible for use in English language settings by the missions agency and its missionaries is the Kings James Version.
    2. We believe in the Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that they are equal in every divine perfection, and they execute distinct but harmonious offices in the great work of redemption. (Deuteronomy 6:4,5; I Corinthians 8:6; Ephesians 4:6; I Timothy 1:17; Matthew 28:19; John 15:16,17,26)
      1. God the Father:
        We reject the ecumenical teaching that God is the Father of all, and that all are brothers. We believe that He is the Spiritual Father of those who have been born again. (John 3:3; Ephesians 4:18; John 1:12; John 8:44)
      2. God the Son:
        We believe that Jesus Christ was conceived of the Holy Ghost and born of Mary, a virgin, in order that He might reveal God and redeem sinful men; and that He is both the Son of God, and God the Son. (John 1:1, 2, 14; Luke 1:35)
      3. God the Holy Spirit:
        We believe that the Holy Spirit is a divine Person, equal with God the Father and God the Son, and of the same nature. It is He who convicts of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment. He is the restrainer of the Evil One until God’s purpose is fulfilled. He bears witness to the truth of the Gospel, and is the Agent in the new birth, baptizing all true believers into the body of Christ. It is the privilege and duty of all the saved to be filled with the Spirit. (John 14:16,17; Matthew 28:19; Hebrews 9:14; John 14:26; Luke 1:35; II Thessalonians 2:7; Ephesians 5:18)
    3. We believe the Genesis account of creation, and that it is to be accepted literally, not allegorically or figuratively; that man was created directly in God’s own image and after His own likeness; that man’s creation was not a matter of evolution, or evolutionary changes of species, or development through interminable periods of time from lower to higher forms. (Genesis 1:1; Exodus 20:11; Acts 4:24; Colossians 1:16-17; Hebrews 11:3; John 1:3; Revelation 10:6; Romans 1:20; Acts 17:23-26; Jeremiah 10:12; Nehemiah 9:6; Genesis 1:11; Genesis 1:24)
    4. We believe that man was created in the image and after the likeness of God, but by voluntary transgression fell from his sinless and happy estate; the consequence of which, all mankind are now sinners, not by constraint, but by choice; and therefore under the just condemnation of God, without defense or excuse. (Genesis 3:1-6, 24; Romans 5:12,19; Romans 3:10-19; Ephesians 2:1, 3; Galatians 3:22)
    5. We believe that Satan was once holy and enjoyed heavenly honors, but through pride and ambition to be the Almighty, fell and drew after him a host of angels; that he is now the malignant prince of the power of the air and the unholy god of this world system. We hold him to be man’s great tempter, the enemy of God and Christ, the accuser of the saints, the author of all false religions, the chief power back of the present apostasy. He is the lord of the Antichrist, and the author of all the powers of darkness; destined, however, to final judgment of an eternal justice in hell, a place prepared for the Devil and his angels. (Isaiah 14:12-15; Ezekiel 28:14-17; Jude 6; I Thessalonians 3:5; 1 Peter 5:8; II Corinthians 11:13-15; II Thessalonians 2:3-11; Revelation 19:11, 16, 20)
    6. Salvation:
      1. Atonement:
        We believe that the salvation of sinners is wholly of grace through the mediatorial offices of the Son of God; that Jesus Christ, by the appointment of the Father, freely took on Himself our nature, yet without sin, honored the divine Law by His personal obedience, and by His substitutionary death made a full and vicarious atonement for our sins. (Ephesians 2:8; Romans 3:24; John 3:16; Romans 3:25; I Peter 3:18-19; Hebrews 7:24)
      2. Freeness of Salvation:
        We believe in God’s electing grace, which is according to foreknowledge; that the blessing of salvation is made free to all by the Gospel. It is the immediate duty of all to accept, by faith, God’s offer of salvation. The only hindrance to salvation of any sinner is his own inherent depravity and present unbelief which, if continued in, merits the just condemnation of a Holy God. (I Thessalonians 1:4; Colossians 3:12; I Peter 1:2, Titus 1: 1; Romans 8:29, 30; John 3:18, 36)
      3. Justification:
        We believe that the great Gospel blessing which Christ secures to such as believe in Him, is justification. Justification includes the pardon of sin and the gift of eternal life on the principles of righteousness. We believe that it is bestowed, not in consideration of any works of righteousness which we have done; but solely through faith in the Redeemer’s blood, His righteousness is imputed unto us. (Acts 13:39; Romans 8:1; Romans 5:1, 9; Titus 3:5-7; Romans 1:17; Romans 4:1-8; Romans 3:24; Ephesians 2:8-9)
      4. Sanctification:
        We believe that God sanctifies (sets us apart), at the time of our personal acceptance of Christ as Lord and Saviour from the penalty of our sin. (Romans 5:8-9; I Corinthians 6:11; Ephesians 4:24) Secondly, we experience sanctification by degree as we yield to God and grow in wisdom, knowledge, experience and grace, therefore having power over sin. (II Corinthians 6:7; Psalm 119:9,11; II Corinthians 3:17,18) Thirdly, we believe that the believer is finally and gloriously set apart from the very presence of sin. (Philippians 1:6, 3:20, 21; I John 3:2)
    7. Eternal Security and Assurance of Believers:
      1. We believe that all the redeemed are kept by God’s power and are thus secure in Christ forever. (John 6:37-40; John 10:27-30; Romans 8:1, 37-39; I Corinthians 1:4-8; I Peter 1:5; I John 2:19)
      2. We believe that the saved should rejoice in a personal confidence of a present salvation which rests in the manifestation of the indwelling Christ and veracity of the Word of God. (I John 5:11-13)
    8. We believe that the church of Christ is a congregation of believers associated by a covenant of faith and fellowship of the Gospel, observing the ordinances of Christ, and governed by His laws. We believe the true mission of the church is to follow the Great Commission: (Matthew 28:19-20)
      1. Make individual disciples.
      2. Build up the church.
    9. We hold that the local Independent Fundamental Baptist church has the absolute right of congregational self-government, free from any interference of any hierarchy or individuals or organizations, and that the one and only Head is the Lord Jesus Christ. (Acts 2:41-42; I Corinthians 11:2; Ephesians 1:22-23; Colossians 1:18; Ephesians 5:23-24)
      1. Relationship and responsibility of World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions to the local church:
        This Agency serves as a medium through which Independent Fundamental Baptist churches may cooperate in sound Bible missionary activities, through which they may direct their missionary funds and to which they may refer their young people who are called into missionary service. We believe no other committee, educational institution, missionary society, preacher, or any individual supersedes the authority of the local church.
      2. Relation and responsibility of the missionary to the local church:
        We believe that, in conformity with the New Testament example of Acts 13, it is the function of the local church to authorize and send forth its own missionaries. Therefore, we believe the responsibilities are mutual. First, the church must send and maintain the needs of the missionaries. Second, the missionary is to evangelize and build the church.
    10. We believe in the “blessed hope,” which is the personal, imminent, pre-tribulation and pre-millennial coming of the Lord Jesus Christ for His redeemed ones; and in His subsequent return to earth with His saints, to establish His Millennial Kingdom. (I Thessalonians 4:13-18; Zechariah l4:4-11; Revelation 19:11-16; Revelation 20:1-6; Revelation 3: 10)
    11. We believe that Scriptural Baptism is by single immersion of born again Christians only. It is the outward sign of an inward belief. It identifies the convert with the Lord Jesus Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection.
    12. We take a stand against:
        Neo-orthodoxy denies the orthodox approach of inerrancy and inspiration, saying that inspiration was not given verbally, but that the author interpreted the events or word of God, thus writing his own interpretation.
        The neo—evangelical movement is one of attitude rather than doctrine. It compromises with the modernists and liberals in cooperative efforts in evangelism and other so-called Christian endeavors. We cannot link hands with these who discredit Christ and undermine Scriptural inspiration. This leads to the acceptance of the ecumenical church.
        This is a movement to unite all faiths in a world-wide church. This movement does not raise the standards of morality, but it is a contributing factor to the destruction of the moral fiber of many men today. This united church is only laying the groundwork for the tribulation which will climax in Revelation 17.
        We reject the man-made systems of Calvinism and Arminianism as expressions of our beliefs concerning the nature of man and the means of his salvation.
    13. These Articles of Faith do not exhaust the extent of our faith.  The Bible itself is the sole and final source of all that we believe.  We do believe, however, that the foregoing statement of faith accurately represents the teaching of the Bible, and therefore, is binding upon all members and supersedes all previous constitutional statements.

ARTICLE XIX – Dissolution

It is understood and agreed that if for any reason any property of the Agency is sold in a plan of dissolution of the Agency, the net proceeds will be used to carry on a ministry of the same nature, doctrine, and objectives of this Agency, namely, a ministry of winning souls to the Lord Jesus Christ in accordance with the law governing 501(c)(3) organizations and in accordance with the Agency’s Articles of Incorporation, all at the discretion and direction of the Executive Board.