Trailer Needed

The Bibeys are in need of a trailer for their ministry. Bro. Bibey writes, “Our plans now are to purchase a 24 foot trailer to move and store some of our seldom used tools and other belongings. This could possibly be for long term storage. Our hope and prayer is to erect our own building sometime in the future that will allow us to set up an apartment/ shop and parking for our truck and trailer. We will be transitioning back into the truck and trailer as our full time home and be back on the road full time. We need help in buying this storage trailer. The trailer is around $5500 dollars.”

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Parsonage Building

We are praying for the funds to build a new parsonage building.

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Land Purchase for School

We are writing this letter to explain what we believe the Lord is doing in showing us a piece of land/ property to purchase for our school. This is a huge step of faith and a large amount of money to raise.

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Land Purchase and Church Building

One of the things that God has been doing is working in the hearts of the people here about the need to purchase land and build a building. The congregation has some funds saved to begin some construction, but we need land first. We have purposely, to this point, not asked for help in a building project so that the people will see the need; but a good piece of land in a good location will cost about $10,000 and that price is going up quickly so we are praying for the Lord to provide the necessary funds.

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Funds Needed

We are in urgent need for funds to buy the remaining building materials for the house and our buildings on Nukuoro.  There is also the cost of shipping these items down.  We are asking all our supporters to pray earnestly that God will supply this need.  Funds may be sent to World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions and should be marked Jack Peeler Nukuoro Fund.

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15 Passenger Van Needed

We are in great need of a 15 passenger van in which to take people to church. It’s getting pretty pricey to drive both our minivans. If you know of someone giving away such a van, please let us know.

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Instruments Needed

We have scheduled for this fall special music training for the choir and the young people. Our goal is for them to read a sheet of music notes. We are collecting some musical instruments to encourage some of our young people to learn how to play them. At the moment, though in a very low level, we have some that have started playing recorder (we call it sweet flute), and transverse flute. We would like to have a little “orchestra” to play for the services and special music. Any donation of some instruments appropriated for church would be greatly appreciated. We really believe that sacred music is very important for a sound church. We also pray that the Lord may send us a good and solid, Christian music family to minister here with us.

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Sponsor a Student

The students at Baptist Bible Institute of Pohnpei have ranged in number from 16 to 54 since its inception. Sometimes students have to drop out for personal or spiritual reasons, but for the most part we have seen the numbers drop for lack of funds. The institute only charges $40 a year, broken down into $20 a semester or $5 per course block. However, since the average wage is only around $1.50 an hour, this can be quite hard on many, especially families that have multiple students. In addition, in most cases several families share a home and expenses while only a few may actually even have jobs. Having enough money to buy gas to go to church is sometimes even a problem people have to deal with here. So, the added expense of the institute can be quite daunting for many and some have had to sit out a course block here and there because of lack of funds. I wanted to request from you that you pray and see if God would lay on your heart to support some of these students in their study. Forty dollars a year would pay all their expenses and would allow people who desire a deeper study about God an opportunity to do so consistently.

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Building Project
Ruth Ann Arthurs

Pastor Amjad Alfi and the Arabic Baptist Church of Detroit serves the largest population of Arabic speakers in America. The Lord has blessed. God’s blessing is seen in the leadership and evangelistic outreach of Arabic Baptist Church with spiritual and numerical growth. The sanctuary is now too small to host the members and visitors. This church needs your help. They have two needs:

  • They need funds to help with the projected cost for building materials of $350,000.
  • They need workers to help them build.

They are looking for 350 churches to invest in their church with a one time gift of  $1,000.00 or any gift of help, as they reach their Islamic and Arabic speaking neighbors right here in America. If God would lead you to invest in this project, please send the funds to:

World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions
Building Fund – Detroit
PO Box 725
Kings Mountain, NC 28086-0725

15 Passenger Vehicle Needed

Pray with us for our need of a vehicle for church work. We are still looking for a vehicle that can carry 10 to 15 passengers. Below is a picture of the kind of vehicle that we are looking for. This one can carry 10 passengers. It will cost close to $10K to purchase this from Japan. The cost of this vehicle alone without shipping is approximately $5,875.00.

10 passenger van

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