Sponsor a Student in Liberia & Ghana
Rick and Brenda Osborn

From October 2016 Prayer letter: If you or your church would consider supporting the West Africa College Fund, that would be a great blessing to these African students. You can support a student for only $50 / semester. Please give this serious consideration.

**Gifts for this can be sent to our mission agency, WWNTBM, and marked as “West Africa College Fund.” Gifts are tax deductible and 100% goes to the college!

Land Purchase for School
Molly Franks

From the Franks’ April 2017 Prayer Letter: We are still seeking the Lord for a bigger place for the school and college. We mentioned this need in our Aug./ Sept 2015 prayer letter. During that year, the Lord showed us a piece of land/property for the purchase of a school. The owner contacted us to see if we would buy his 6 acres of land which would be good for a school. He is a saved man, older in age, and wants to sell it for a good purpose. This offer is a huge step of faith for us and a large amount of money to raise. We spread the matter before the Lord as we prayed for this need several years ago. We will trust Him to guide and provide. The premises we occupy today are rented to us due to the lack of funds to purchase land. God willing the Lord will grant us this land to have our school, college, etc. Unfortunately, just this past month we faced a problem. The present owner of the school asked us now to leave after several years because he wants a high increase in rent which we cannot afford to give. We had to shift the girls’ dormitories and the high school to other premises. We praise the Lord that we found a good location with reasonable rent. We often face trouble from owners over increasing rent rates. Hence, we are more burdened to pray for land/property for the stable functioning of the school as we have been paying rent for many years now.

This update was posted on November 1, 2016 by Molly Franks.

Land Purchase and Church Building
Joel and Cynthia Dickens

One of the things that God has been doing is working in the hearts of the people here about the need to purchase land and build a building. The congregation has some funds saved to begin some construction, but we need land first. We have purposely, to this point, not asked for help in a building project so that the people will see the need; but a good piece of land in a good location will cost about $10,000 and that price is going up quickly so we are praying for the Lord to provide the necessary funds.

Funds Needed for Building
Jack and Melinda Peeler

We are in urgent need for funds to buy the remaining building materials for the house and our buildings on Nukuoro.  There is also the cost of shipping these items down.  We are asking all our supporters to pray earnestly that God will supply this need.  Funds may be sent to World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions and should be marked Jack Peeler Nukuoro Fund.

Sponsor a Student
John and Christa Boylston

The students at Baptist Bible Institute of Pohnpei have ranged in number from 16 to 54 since its inception. Sometimes students have to drop out for personal or spiritual reasons, but for the most part we have seen the numbers drop for lack of funds. The institute only charges $40 a year, broken down into $20 a semester or $5 per course block. However, since the average wage is only around $1.50 an hour, this can be quite hard on many, especially families that have multiple students. In addition, in most cases several families share a home and expenses while only a few may actually even have jobs. Having enough money to buy gas to go to church is sometimes even a problem people have to deal with here. So, the added expense of the institute can be quite daunting for many and some have had to sit out a course block here and there because of lack of funds. I wanted to request from you that you pray and see if God would lay on your heart to support some of these students in their study. Forty dollars a year would pay all their expenses and would allow people who desire a deeper study about God an opportunity to do so consistently.