Questions A Church Member Can Ask A Missionary

1. What pushes you to go?

2. Why are you going to ___________________?

3. What scares you about being a missionary?

4. What discourages you about being a missionary?

5. What excites you about being a missionary?

6. If God gives you all the desires of your heart, what would happen in the next six months?

7. If I come to be a missionary on your field, what could I do?

8. When were you first exposed to missions?

9. Who is your favorite missionary?

10. What is a verse you continually go back to for encouragement?

11. What methods will you use to reach people on your field?

12. What experience do you have in planting a church?

13. What did you do in your church before God called you?

14. What excited you culturally about your mission field?

15. What do you think your greatest obstacle in missionary work will be?

16. When your work is done on the field, what would you want to be said of your time on the field?

17. How do you plan on dealing with cultural changes?

18. What do you do for your quiet time with the Lord?

19. Would you say you are going to the field because you love people or because you love God? (A love for the people will vary. If they go because they love God, it will work!)

20. What are you doing to prepare your children for this change of life?

21. If you could have every desire of your heart, describe what your ministry looks like in ten years.

22. Do you plan on starting churches one after the other? Or, will you begin many churches from one church?

23. What role will your wife have as you serve?

24. If an unmarried man, what safeguards will you have in place for your testimony’s sake?

25. If an unmarried lady, what safeguards will you have in place for your testimony’s sake?

26. What hobbies do you have outside of the ministry?

27. How much emphasis do you place on work and life balance?

28. When you look at the work and the years it will take, what is your motivation?

29. How do you deal with suffering and sacrifice?

30. What is next for you after serving in missions?

For a PDF of these questions, click here.