Frequently-Asked Questions

About World Wide

What is your philosophy?

The missionary’s sending church is the authority in missions. The missionary and their pastor determine the location of ministry, support levels, ministry direction, and decisions. WWNTBM is merely a servant to the sending church. World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions is a service agency. We serve God’s Great Commission partners in their giving and going.

What is your mission agency’s structure?

Twelve churches govern us. Each church commissions their pastor to lead our agency. The men who lead our agency serve on either our Executive Board or Board of Reference. These men have pastored or are pastors of an independent Baptist church. These men direct our agency according to our founding principles.

We have a President, General Director, and staff who carry out the policies and principles set by the Executive Board and our Board of Reference.

The President oversees the operations of the mission agency and works closely with the General Director to assist missionaries and lead our staff.

The Office Staff carries out the directives of the President and General Director. The missionaries serve under their home churches and in association with our office.

What does your mission agency do?

World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions assists churches with their Great Commission needs.

  • We receive funds from churches for their missionaries.
  • We help the missionaries get their money sent to them each month.
  • We make sure each of the supporting church’s donations gets to the field.
  • We review each donation to make sure it is accounted for to the governments who have oversight of funds.
  • We connect great churches with great missionaries.
  • We provide confidence to churches, so when a World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions missionary contacts them, they are conservative in doctrine, unapologetically Baptist, committed to the word of God, and called to the mission field.

Why does a mission agency exist?

Christ commanded churches to bring the Gospel to every creature. God commissions missionaries to leave their churches and preach the Gospel.

Not every church has the staff resources to help their church’s missionaries with representation before foreign and domestic governments. A church may become its own agency or enlist a missions agency to assist their people in their Great Commission work.

A mission agency handles the clerical, legal, and technical matters of receiving support so the missionary can focus on their commission, and their church can focus on their command. Thereby, the world can receive the Gospel as Jesus commanded.

What are some of your policies?

We believe the missionary is subject to their sending church in matters of personal holiness and separation. The few requirements we have are:

  • In English language settings, the missionary uses the King James Version of the English Bible.
  • In matters of personal health, the missionary has adequate health insurance.
  • In matters of a sending church, the missionary is a member of an independent Baptist church in name and doctrine.
  • In matters of theological accountability, each missionary annually must sign a doctrinal agreement card.
  • See our By-Laws for more information.

What accountability do you have for your missionaries?

  • The local church:
    • Each missionary will communicate to the churches that support them. These churches, including their sending church, will review and compare their field reports based on their commitment to ministry.
  • The mission office:
    • Each missionary communicates with the mission agency.
    • We review their reports, when possible we visit them on the field, and communicate with the pastors who support them.
    • We hold weekly meetings with missionaries on deputation.
    • We have a weekly podcast for missionaries to feed them spiritually.
    • We hold annual meetings to interact with our missionaries.
    • We are available for counsel.
  • Financially:
    • Missionaries are accountable for taxes to multiple jurisdictions.
    • We help our missionaries remain compliant with all relevant domestic and foreign jurisdictions with their finances.
    • Missionaries account for all funds received to the IRS. We assist the missionaries every month with reporting income and accounting for it. 

Does the mission agency pick the field, or does the missionary pick the field?

Neither. The Holy Spirit picks the field. If God calls you to a location, we are willing to work with your independent Baptist church in getting you to that field.

What education is required to become a missionary with your mission agency?

WWNTBM considers each missionary’s education or training on their individual background and needs against the type of ministry they will have (E.G., A church planter must have a thorough working knowledge of the word of God. Each applicant must give a 2-4 hour verbal defense of their doctrinal positions).

How do I become a missionary with your agency?

Our process:

  • Consult with your pastor concerning God’s calling.
  • Complete the preliminary application. Once this has been reviewed, our office staff will contact you with information about completing a full application. 
  • The full application is a multi-step process. It involves completing a doctrinal agreement statement, as well as submitting several different types of references
  • Upon a positive application review, we will then schedule an appointment with your pastor for your interview at your home church.
  • After your interview, the Executive Board will vote on your acceptance as a missionary.
  • After the vote, we will send a letter to inform you of their decision.

Do you ask for specific training of a missionary accepted by the mission agency?

No; however, there are online orientation classes where we attempt to help our missionaries to a greater level of effectiveness.

While your missionary is on deputation, do you help them book churches?

We assist our missionaries with churches that already support our agency’s missionaries. We encourage missionaries to use tools like to help them schedule meetings. Ultimately, the missionary is responsible for their schedule. However, we have men who regularly work with our missionaries seeking to get them into meetings where they speak. We also meet weekly with our missionaries to encourage them in their scheduling.

Do you help find housing and transportation for your missionaries?

Only by referral.

Do you help your missionaries with their taxes and other financial matters?

While we do not file taxes for missionaries, we have a financial reporting system to help reduce their tax liability. We also have a CPA who seeks to keep us in compliance with the IRS. We also have a list of suggested CPAs and tax professionals available to our missionaries.

Do you help the missionary with their mailing list, or are they responsible for this?

Missionaries are responsible for maintaining their own mailing list. However, we do provide missionaries with updated contact information from donors/partners.

How do you encourage your missionaries when you know that they are going through a difficult time?

We reach out via phone calls, letters, visits by a representative or another missionary in an adjacent country.

How do you re-tool your missionaries when they come back from the field?

We hold an annual conference called Family Fellowship Week. This conference provides practical instruction and Biblical inspiration to encourage our missionaries to reach people with the Gospel in their global ministries.

Do you believe once trained, nationals should run the church, and missionaries should move on?


Tax-Deductible Receipts

What do I do if I notice a mistake on my tax-deductible receipt?

Please contact our office as soon as possible.

How can my donation be accounted for in the year I send my donation?

Your donation needs to be postmarked by December 31st to receive a tax-deductible receipt for the year.

Can I receive a tax-deductible receipt by e-mail?

Yes! By default, we send receipts by mail. If you wish to receive your receipt by e-mail, please contact us with your preference.

What should I do if I do not receive a tax-deductible receipt for my donation?

Please contact our office as we may need to update your contact information. We will be happy to provide a tax-deductible receipt to you upon request.

When will I receive a tax-deductible receipt for my donation?

Tax-deductible receipts are mailed or e-mailed monthly. If you wish to receive an annual receipt, please contact our office.

Connecting With Us

How can I contact the mission agency?

You can contact our mission agency by phone at 704-730-1440, e-mail at, or by mail at P.O. Box 725, Kings Mountain, NC 28086.

How can I contact my missionary?

Some missionaries list their contact information on our website. You can view the contact information on the missionary’s page. If you have trouble contacting your missionary or do not have any contact information for your missionary, please contact our office and we will do our best to connect them with you

Where do your missionaries serve?

Click here to view the map listing the locations of our missionaries around the world.

How do I send a letter, birthday card, or Christmas card to a missionary?

Letters, birthday cards, and Christmas cards received in the office are sent electronically to the missionary monthly. If you wish to send mail or packages to the missionary directly, please be aware of customs, postage, and those who are in sensitive areas.

Prayer Letters

Can I view my missionary’s prayer letters online?

Yes, you can view your missionary’s prayer letters on our website. You can view a missionary’s prayer letter by clicking here, choose the missionary, and scroll to the bottom of their page. The letters are in PDF form, so you can print them off for your church bulletin or personal use.

My missionary does not list their prayer letters online.

A missionary’s prayer letter may not appear on our website due to security reasons. Please contact our office for more information.

What should I do if I have not received a prayer letter from my missionary lately?

We are sorry you are having difficulty receiving prayer letters. If you are on a missionary’s e-mail list, the first suggestion is to check your spam folder. Unfortunately, prayer letters get stuck in there often. If you still do not see any there, please contact our prayer letter department, and we will be glad to assist you.


Where can I mail my check donation?

Please make checks payable to:
World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions or WWNTBM
Indicate on the memo line the missionary’s full name or project.

Mail checks to:
P.O. Box 725
Kings Mountain, NC 28086

Does World Wide offer check-free giving?

Yes! If you are interested in check-free giving, please consider an ACH Debit. An ACH Debit allows us to withdraw your monthly support or one-time gift from your checking or savings account. It also ensures the missionary will receive your donation on time without the worry of forgetting or being lost/delayed in the mail.

If you would like to start the ACH Debit process, please call 704-730-1440 or e-mail

Please view all of our giving options here.

How do I designate my gift?

If sending a check:
Please indicate on the memo line the missionary’s full name or project. It may also be beneficial to specify the purpose of the donation.

If giving online:
Specify the project or purpose of the donation in the “Notes/memo” section.

Typical designations include: Support, One-time Gift, _____ Project, Love Offering, Christmas Gift, etc

Can you give me some more information about giving through

Our office uses to process our online donations. allows the donor to give via a debit card, credit card, or bank account. Creating an account is simple. You can make a single gift or set up recurring automated giving. Please note that does take a small fee out of each donation. You may choose to cover the fee by clicking the button that says “Cover fees?”.
To give online, please click here. asked for my password and PIN, but I never created an account.

We recommend that each donor create an account upon their first donation. Creating an account allows you to see your donation history, change a payment method, and change recurring giving.
If you did not create an account, automatically created one for you based on your e-mail. For security, you will need to reset your password and pin to access your account. To do this, please click “Reset Password”. will have you enter the e-mail address you used for your previous donation and send you an e-mail with a link to reset your password. Navigate back to the portal on our website. Enter your e-mail address and password. When it asks for your PIN, please click “Forgot your PIN?”. will again send you an e-mail with instructions on resetting your PIN.
Navigate back to the portal on our website. Enter your login credentials and your PIN.

I got to the website but can not figure out where to donate.

The website is more geared towards the administrator, not the donor. Please access your account through the portal on our website at

To access the portal, navigate to and click “Give,” this will open the giving portal.

How do I reset my password and pin?

Navigate to the portal at Click “Give” to open the portal.

To reset your password, click Reset Password. will have you enter the e-mail address you used for your previous donation and send you an e-mail with a link to reset your password.

To reset your PIN, enter your e-mail address and password. When it asks for your PIN, please click “Forgot your PIN?” will again send you an e-mail with instructions on resetting your PIN.

Navigate back to the portal.

How do I set up recurring giving through

Log in to your account through the portal at Enter the amount you would like to give each time, the payment method you would like to use, and any notes or memos. You can also choose to cover the fees.
Click the sliding bar to set up automated giving.

You will have the option to give every week, every two weeks, every month, or the 1st and 15th every month. You will then be able to choose what day of the month you would like these donations made.

To complete the donation, click Give.
View this video on recurring giving

How do I cancel recurring giving through

Log in to your account through the portal at
Click on the three vertical lines on the top left corner.
Click Recurring Gifts.
Click on the red trash can to the right of the Recurring Gift.
Clicking the red trash can will discontinue any recurring gift moving forward.

How do I update my payment method through

Log in to your account through the portal at
Click on the three vertical lines on the top left corner.
Click on Payment Methods.
Here you can add additional payment methods or delete old payment methods.
To delete a payment method, click the red trash can to the right of the payment method.
To add a new payment method, click the green plus sign on the top right of the page.

I want to give to a missionary, but they do not appear on your website.

A missionary may not be appear on our website due to security reasons. However, you can still give to the missionary if you wish. If giving online, please choose General Office Fund. Then in the “Notes/memo” section, include a note specifying the missionary or project.

I am in another country; how do I donate?

If you live in Canada, you can give through our Canadian office. Online donations are not available to our Canadian office. Learn more at

You may donate from most foreign countries using a U.S. credit card at

Bank Transfer:
Please contact our office for information on how to send a donation by wire.

Donations from any country can be mailed to our U.S. office if the check is in U.S. Dollars.

How can I make sure my donation will reach the missionary in the month I gave?

Due to our monthly closeout schedule, all donations must be received in our office before the 20th of the month for the missionary to receive your contribution in that month.

How do I send Christmas gifts for a missionary?

Christmas gifts should include the memo “Christmas gift” along with the name of the missionary. To ensure the gift reaches the missionary by Christmas, our office should receive the gift in early November.

How can I give cash to a missionary?

Our office does accept cash donations. However, we do not suggest mailing cash as it could be lost or stolen.