the Bells Russell and Mamie Bell United States

Roger and Mary Bergman Europe

Kris and Rose Marie Blumer South America

Andy and Mimi Bonikowsky Europe

David and Raquel Bonikowsky Europe

Leslie and Amy Bourdess United States

Matthew and Brittany (Nikki) Brown Southeast Asia

Markie and Christy Bullock Europe

Joe and Carolyn Cannon United States

Melissa Carlson Europe

Don and Karen Clarke Africa

The Clines Stanley and Marvine Cline United States

Tatiana Cordeiro Brazil

Allinson and Floretta DaCosta West Indies

Fred III and Brittany Daniel Mexico

Charles and Abigail David Southeast Asia

Michael and Honorah Deatrick Pacific Islands

Joel and Cynthia Dickens South America

Jedidias and Gloria Duarte Brazil

Gabriel and Susan Eiben Micronesia

Clayton and Linda Eliam Micronesia

Edgar and Rosann Feghaly Middle East Outreach

Molly Franks Southeast Asia

Nathan and Hannah Fry

Mike and Kristen Gali South America

Kelly and Becca Gilliam Australia

Guy and Marilyn Grenade Africa

The Groves Michael and Nancy Grove New Zealand

Jamil and Karla Hadad Middle East

Ghassan and Ghada Haddad Middle East Outreach

Doltan Heath Dalton Heath United States

Adrian and Emma Hendricks Southeast Asia

Lewis and Kim Howell New Zealand

Jack and Jonnie Hunt United States

Elwood and Doris Hurst United States

William and Lihner Joel Micronesia

Roy Keiser Roy and Lou Ann Keiser Europe

Ramesh and Christina Kumar Southeast Asia

Jeremy and Esther Lockhart United States

Carrie Mathena West Indies

Robert and Pat Mathena West Indies

Ayser and Faten Mazahreh Middle East

Jacob and Shera McKinney Bolivia

Allen and Marion Mercer Africa

John and Kim O’Malley United States

Rolando & Hannah Ortiz Mexico

Sonny and Lihna Padock Micronesia

David and Millie Preston United States

David and Melissa Price Europe

David and Heidi Racke United States

Joshua and Vashtee Rhoades Philippines

Michael and April Riffel Asia

Matthew and Rebecca Rose Africa

The Sanchez Family to Spain Alejandro and Josefina Sanchez Europe

Delia Shaw Mexico

Jerry, Jr. and Itzen Shaw Mexico

Mike and Sue Smith United States

Joel & Noel Smothers South America

Nick and Lindsey Stelzig United States

Josh and Joanna Town United States

Ricardo and Antelise Vera Cruz Micronesia

Joshua and Sarah Wagar Micronesia

Esther Welles Micronesia

Danny Whetstone Danny and Darleen Whetstone United States

Ernest and Nancy Wyrick United States

Georg and Opal Zimmer West Indies