What is your philosophy?

The missionary’s sending church is the authority in missions. The missionary and their pastor determine the location of ministry, support levels, ministry direction, and decisions. WWNTBM is merely a servant to the sending church. World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions is a service agency. We serve God’s Great Commission partners in their giving and going.

What is your mission agency’s structure?

Twelve churches govern us. Each church commissions their pastor to lead our agency. The men who lead our agency serve on either our Executive Board or Board of Reference. These men have pastored or are pastors of an independent Baptist church. These men direct our agency according to our founding principles.

We have a President, General Director, and staff who carry out the policies and principles set by the Executive Board and our Board of Reference.

The President oversees the operations of the mission agency and works closely with the General Director to assist missionaries and lead our staff.

The Office Staff carries out the directives of the President and General Director. The missionaries serve under their home churches and in association with our office.

What does your mission agency do?

World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions assists churches with their Great Commission needs.

  • We receive funds from churches for their missionaries.
  • We help the missionaries get their money sent to them each month.
  • We make sure each of the supporting church’s donations gets to the field.
  • We review each donation to make sure it is accounted for to the governments who have oversight of funds.
  • We connect great churches with great missionaries.
  • We provide confidence to churches, so when a World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions missionary contacts them, they are conservative in doctrine, unapologetically Baptist, committed to the word of God, and called to the mission field.

Why does a mission agency exist?

Christ commanded churches to bring the Gospel to every creature. God commissions missionaries to leave their churches and preach the Gospel.

Not every church has the staff resources to help their church’s missionaries with representation before foreign and domestic governments. A church may become its own agency or enlist a missions agency to assist their people in their Great Commission work.

A mission agency handles the clerical, legal, and technical matters of receiving support so the missionary can focus on their commission, and their church can focus on their command. Thereby, the world can receive the Gospel as Jesus commanded.

What are some of your policies?

We believe the missionary is subject to their sending church in matters of personal holiness and separation. The few requirements we have are:

  • In English language settings, the missionary uses the King James Version of the English Bible.
  • In matters of personal health, the missionary has adequate health insurance.
  • In matters of a sending church, the missionary is a member of an independent Baptist church in name and doctrine.
  • In matters of theological accountability, each missionary annually must sign a doctrinal agreement card.
  • See our By-Laws for more information.

What accountability do you have for your missionaries?

  • The local church:
    • Each missionary will communicate to the churches that support them. These churches, including their sending church, will review and compare their field reports based on their commitment to ministry.
  • The mission office:
    • Each missionary communicates with the mission agency.
    • We review their reports, when possible we visit them on the field, and communicate with the pastors who support them.
    • We hold weekly meetings with missionaries on deputation.
    • We have a weekly podcast for missionaries to feed them spiritually.
    • We hold annual meetings to interact with our missionaries.
    • We are available for counsel.
  • Financially:
    • Missionaries are accountable for taxes to multiple jurisdictions.
    • We help our missionaries remain compliant with all relevant domestic and foreign jurisdictions with their finances.
    • Missionaries account for all funds received to the IRS. We assist the missionaries every month with reporting income and accounting for it. 

What education is required to become a missionary with your mission agency?

WWNTBM considers each missionary’s education or training on their individual background and needs against the type of ministry they will have (E.G., A church planter must have a thorough working knowledge of the word of God. Each applicant must give a 2-4 hour verbal defense of their doctrinal positions).

How do I become a missionary with your agency?

Our process:

  • Consult with your pastor concerning God’s calling.
  • Complete the preliminary application. Once this has been reviewed, our office staff will contact you with information about completing a full application. 
  • The full application is a multi-step process. It involves completing a doctrinal agreement statement, as well as submitting several different types of references
  • Upon a positive application review, we will then schedule an appointment with your pastor for your interview at your home church.
  • After your interview, the Executive Board will vote on your acceptance as a missionary.
  • After the vote, we will send a letter to inform you of their decision.