Tips for proper parental provoking unto good works.

  1. Set short term goals, don’t have unreachable goals.
  2. Set the example, don’t have unlived standards.
  3. Have sensible rules, not unreasonable ones.
  4. Be satisfied with your children’s individualism, rather than using unattainable comparisons.
  5. Specify your promises, and do not have unkept promises.
  6. Be sensitive in your speech, rather than using unkind teasing.
  7. Share your love, and do not show unfair favoritism.
  8. Use special recognition, and do not allow achievements to go unrewarded.
  9. Be willing to sacrifice for the good of your children, and do not force unwanted sacrifices on them. Do not make the child feel that your sacrifices for them are a burden.
  10. Use sweet selfless correction, rather than unloving discipline.
  11. Show forgiveness, rather than exemplifying an unforgiving attitude.
  12. Sing the praises of your children; do not give way to unproductive discouragement.
  13. Use self control, rather than uncontrolled anger.

Family Life on the Road

Tips for dealing with families when traveling.

You will spend hours on the road. Learn to enjoy the journey.

  1. Priority of Faith.  (Phil. 1:21) There is no past or future in life, we must always live in the present tense. Your convictions and values should not change on the road. Stay hot spiritually while traveling, and do not neglect your study and preparation.
  2. Preparation of Family. (Gen. 33:13-14) You cannot drive your family as hard as you would yourself. Prepare them for situations they will face. Everything that happens on the road is a chance to teach a spiritual lesson.
  3. Purposeful Flexibility. (Is. 28:16)  Surrender your self ambition and let God take care of your schedule. Plan every day in view of your ministry, but remember that the biggest spiritual lessons you will learn are taught when God re-arranges your plans.
  4. Pastor Must be Followed. He is the overseer of that church, and you must yield to his direction. Be content with the time he gives you, cooperate to fulfill his plan, and communicate with his people.
  5. People and Friendship. (Rom. 16:3-24)  Friendships will yield support and prayer warriors. If you are not a ‘people person’ ask God to change your heart, or get out of the ministry. The ministry is people!