Scott Norman

I have known Bill Wingard for nearly thirty years, and there is not enough room for me to express my thoughts and recollections of one of the greatest Christian men I have ever known. He was a godly mentor and a dear friend who always had time to talk, counsel, and encourage. When I first met Brother Wingard, I had no idea that I would eventually serve the Lord in Micronesia for twenty years. During those years, I would on occasion find myself calling him for advice and counsel, and he always took the time to help and encourage this insignificant missionary. He never seemed to be bothered and showed a genuine interest in my welfare. He was a gentleman of the highest degree, and I will never forget his bold stand on Biblical principles and his humble walk before God and man. As most folks know, he was a rather tall man, but he stood much taller in my eyes with his dedication and focus on the ministry into which God called him. He will be sorely missed. His wisdom, his counsel, his advice, his humor, and his godly testimony will never be forgotten. He was in my eyes one of the choicest servants of God to ever walk the paths of this needy world and did all he could to address those needs. Farewell, my dear brother. We will miss you, but thank God, we will see you again some day.