Larry (Nathan) Powell

Preacher Bill as I always knew him since I was a little boy was a blessing to me, I attended Calvary Baptist Christian School from kindergarten to 7th grade and attended Sunday school & church as I grew up throughout high school graduation. Preach Bill was my Pastor as he was to a lot of people in New Bern, I thank God for placing Preacher Bill where he did, I grew to know God & come to salvations though Jesus Christ given his ministry. I was Baptized by Preacher Bill & he prayed for me & my family throughout my life . I remember when my dad passed away in 2013, Pastor Bill found his way to come to his funeral & as a busy pastor found time to pay his respect & console me & my family during this time. I love his family, his beautiful wife, Mrs. Wingard was my first teacher & I grew up around his daughters Jan, Pam & Patti. I love them all dearly. Although I didn’t really know his son Billy because he was a bit older than me, I knew his parents loved him dearly. I learned a lot of how to be a good Christian, father & son through pastor Bill’s example of what a man of God can be, Pastor Bill will be missed here greatly, but his life will be remembered with great fondness & I’ll always count my blessings for knowing this Great man of God. Thank you Jesus for this wonderful man & family, God bless you all during this time. May God give you the peace & grace that passeth all understanding. Thank you Jesus.