Judy Jones

My Dad, Bro. Jack Phillips and Bro. Bill Wingard were close friends. I can recall daddy saying how much of a prayer warrior Bro. Bill was. They could be at the hospital or just anywhere and if they had a need to pray they both would drop to their knees .(right then). I saw Bro. Bill in court one day and I sit beside him. I was there to talk to the judge about someone and so was Bro. Bill. We talked about his church and my church. He loved my daddy. They were both soul winners. I told him that I played the piano for my church and how happy I was to help my daddy in his ministry.
He looked at me and smiled and said , “your just like my Jan.” That day in court I was so nervous but he prayed for me and I got through it. I’m sure right now Bro. Bill Wingard and Bro. Jack Phillips are having a great time. God bless the Wingard Family and his church family and friends.