Chaplain Timothy and Jami Miller

Tim and I joined Calvary Baptist Church in fall/winter of 2004 and left for Bible College in Fall 2006 after Tim’s enlistment in the USMC was complete. This was our first congregation we joined together as a married couple and I was pregnant with our daughter (Esther). Pastor Wingard Baptized me and joked, “I don’t normally baptize babies but I’ll have to make an exception in this case.”

Our time knowing Pastor Wingard and the congregation was short but impactful in our lives. Their ministry to us was invaluable and even influenced our launch into our own ministry. I have many fond memories of Pastor Wingard and his care for and love of people and I’ll continue to look forward to meeting him again in Heaven when God’s work in my life is done and I’m called home.

I’ll continue to pray for the people of Calvary Baptist Church every time they come up in memory.

-Jami (and Tim, Esther, Savannah, and Hadassah)