Missionary Accountability

Tips to remind us of our accountability in the work of Christ.

As a missionary you work for yourself and by yourself, but you are not without authority and accountability. (Rom. 14:10-12)

  1. You are accountable to God. (I Cor. 3:9-15) It is a humbling thought to realize that we labor together with God in His work. We are unworthy, yet He has deemed it so. Fellowship with God’s people is wonderful, but nothing can take the place of fellowship with God.
  2. You are accountable to your sending church. (Acts 13; 14:27) Remain faithful to your sending church, and do not seek to destroy the church that commissioned you. Recognize your pastor’s authority in your ministry.
  3. You are accountable to the mission agency.
  4. You are accountable to your supporting churches. (I Cor. 16:1-3) Paul reported back on what he was accomplishing with funds they had provided. You must communicate with your supporters.
  5. You are accountable to your family. (Acts 21:8-9) Philip was not too busy in ministry to forget his family. If you lose your family, you will lose your ministry.