Social Networking

Tips for the proper usage of social networking by missionaries. (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Life and death are in the power of the tongue. The internet is a tool that can expand your circle of influence, yet it must be used correctly in order to be effective. If used incorrectly it can do far more damage than good for the cause of Christ.

  1. Post Permanently. Remember that what you post will have a lasting effect. Once posted online, it can never be truly withdrawn.
  2. Post Prudently. Redeem the time. Don’t neglect those you are physically with. Set a timer if needed in order to set boundaries for yourself.
  3. Post Positively. Write things that are uplifting and edifying. Keep personal things personal by using email or personal messaging, not public posts. Use your profile as a positive outreach to share good websites, books, sermons, quotes, etc. Don’t be contentious – this is not the place for debates.
  4. Post Parallel. Your online presence should be the same as the real you. Be consistent in private and in public.
  5. Post Precautiously. Be wary when accepting friends and followers. If you do not know the person, what purpose do they have for following you? If you do know the person, be cautious of intimate relationships. Brag about your family and what they mean to you, so others will not get the idea that you are seeking a more fulfilling relationship online. Allow your spouse access to read any communication with those of the opposite gender.