Facing the Stones

“And he cast stones at David, and at all the servants of king David:” (2 Samuel 16:6)

You may remember a time with someone kicked you when you were down. Sadly, it may have even been somebody in God’s family who threw the verbal stones at you. These assaults can hurt more than ever when you can’t understand why you are suffering to begin with! At any rate, the way we respond to the stones is critically important.

David responded with grace and patience to Shimei’s tyrade. He could have lashed out like a wounded wolf and ripped him to shreds. In fact, had he given his men their heads they would have had Shimei’s. But David was more mature than most of those around him. He knew that God was watching and very interested in the events. So, he refused to answer in a fleshly way. His focus was heavily doctrinal. It was all about the Lord and what He could and would do if He chose to. Ah, that’s a great way to face the stones!

How important for us to learn to do the same. An important step to being prepared is precisely, to realize it will happen. Sooner or later we will find ourselves on a road very similar to this one leading out of Jerusalem. Our experience on it will be one of those unavoidable bitter cups God gives us to drink. They may remind us of the spoonful of cod liver oil Mom used to make us swallow−nasty tasting stuff, but excellent for the body!

Have you been pelted recently? Is the sting and shame of it still fresh? Seek wisdom to accept it with the maturity of David.

May God grant us all to be alert and ready. The end of the matter is already in His capable hands. Our response He leaves to our will.