Galatians 2:20-21. All leaders must first learn to be followers.

  1. Know your position in Christ. You are dead. Christ died for us, but also as us. He became your sin. Romans 6:1-11. Remember that you are dead, or you will forget Who is really in charge of your life.
  2. Understand Christ’s position in you. He is alive. Your master is no longer sin and self, but Christ. You must reckon that His life is living in you. Because He is alive in you, you who are dead can live eternally. The branch has no life without the vine.
  3. Determine your life’s direction through Him. Let Him make all of the decisions. Learn to hear His voice as He speaks intuitively in your spirit. Nothing can replace your fellowship with Him, as it is through this close relationship that you will come to know His will. I Corinthians 10:13.
  4. Never forget what was done for you by Him. He loves you. It is arrogant to assume any leadership position in which we forget our position in Him.
  5. Stay out of the way. Paul wrote that he would not frustrate, or set aside, the grace of God by living in the energy of the flesh. Anything done in the energy of our flesh is a failure. You must have His power in your life, or you can accomplish nothing.