Ministry Thoughts

Tips for keeping your ministry in focus.

In Colossians 4:17, Paul urged Archippus to take heed to the ministry, that he fulfill it. We too must take heed to our ministry. We must look out for dangers, live up to our calling, and labor on in the work God has given to us.

  1. Be Honorable. In II Samuel 17 and 19, David did not stop to engage Shimei. Though he was physically in the valley being beaten down, yet he took the high road spiritually and rather than lingering over a problem, kept moving forward on his course.
  2. Be Humble. Jeremiah 9:23-24 admonishes us to boast only in the Lord. Paul on two different occasions, once in relation to church membership and once in relation to the measure of ministry, instructed the Corinthians not to boast in themselves. We must heap the glory to the Lord.
  3. Be Holy. I Timothy 3:1-7. Review often your calling, to be sure you are living up to it. Genesis 39 gives a great example from Joseph’s life. He realized that even if he were to get away with something in man’s eyes, he could never hide sin from God.
  4. Be Helpful. Paul’s desire in II Timothy 4:9-13 was for companionship, comfort, co-laborers, and a cloak. Timothy, still active and busy in the ministry, could have passed this chance to be a help to Paul, who was in prison. Yet he was helpful. Always be a friend to your friends, especially when they are going through a rough situation.
  5. Be Hopeful. Just as Abraham in Romans 4:20 did not stagger at the promises of God, we too must hope against hope and trust in God’s promises. His hope is recorded for our sake, that we too might believe. Don’t give up hope. Keep serving.