Depression Diffusers

Tips for dealing with depression both on the road and on the field.

God’s people are not exempt from moments that can cause depression. We must anticipate that they will come, and have a system in place to deal with trials so we can avoid depression. (Ps. 42:5-6)

  1. Build a support team for your family. Discouragement comes from unrealistic expectations – your friends may not know how to help you. Find close friends and tell them ways they can practically help and encourage your family.
  2. Accept the reality of your field. Your actual service on the field will likely be quite different from what you thought when you were on deputation. Remember that you surrendered to God, not to a job description.
  3. Don’t allow your joy to be tied to those around you. Stay away from those who are negative about your field or the people to whom you minister.
  4. Refocus your love on Christ and His church. Show your care for pastors and churches you visit. Do not expect them to care for and support you, if you are not interested in their ministry as well.
  5. Think less of yourself than you do. Unrealistic expectations of yourself will bring discouragement. Stay close to the One Who exceeds all expectations.