Pursuing Godliness

Tips for remaining godly in a godless world.

We preach godliness and expect it of others, but are we really godly?

  1. We must have a right attitude.   Whether we live or die our desire must be to be with God.  We must comfort, strengthen, and edify the brethren.
  2. We must have respect toward the Word of God, the call God has given us, those we labor with, the churches we visit, the ministry of others and our own ministry.  Remember that your ministry is not a one man show – there are others involved!  Don’t be at war or competition with others, be at peace.
  3. We must have a readiness to warn the unruly, comfort the feeble minded, support the weak, and be patient towards all.  We must be prepared in advance so that we can minister in these areas.  To be holy as God is holy, you must always take the side of the Scripture.
  4. We must rejoice and pray always.  These two go hand in hand. Godliness is pursued through prayer, and you will not come out of the presence of God murmuring about anything.  We are the only people on the earth with a real reason to be happy.
  5. We must be grateful for the Holy Spirit’s conviction, instruction, and work in our lives; for the Word of God; and for the privilege of involvement in the ministry.