Alejandro and Josefina Sanchez

The Sanchez Family to Spain

Field of Service: Europe — Spain

Ministry Type:




Calderon de la Barca 19
Villanueva de la Torre, Guadalajara 19209

Sending Church:

Trinity Baptist Church
Pastor Mike Renfro
PO Box 1236
Wilson, NC 27894


  • Alejandro: October 2
  • Josefina: June 8
  • Samuel: March 31, 1978

ANNIVERSARY: December 26, 1971

DATE JOINED: February 13, 1997

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  • Instruments Needed

    We have scheduled for this fall special music training for the choir and the young people. Our goal is for them to read a sheet of music notes. We are collecting some musical instruments to encourage some of our young people to learn how to play them. At the moment, though in a very low level, we have some that have started playing recorder (we call it sweet flute), and transverse flute. We would like to have a little “orchestra” to play for the services and special music. Any donation of some instruments appropriated for church would be greatly appreciated. We really believe that sacred music is very important for a sound church. We also pray that the Lord may send us a good and solid, Christian music family to minister here with us.