Kris and Rose Marie Blumer Kris and Rose Marie Blumer South America

Melissa Carlson Melissa Carlson Europe

The David Family Charles and Abigail David Southeast Asia

The Feghalys Edgar and Rosann Feghaly Middle East Outreach

Seth and Kaitlin Folkers Africa

The Franks Eric and Molly Franks Southeast Asia

The Haddad Family 2014 Ghassan and Ghada Haddad Middle East Outreach

Adrian and Emma Hendricks Southeast Asia

William and Lihner Joel Micronesia

The Johnstons Norman and Joy Johnston United States

Ramesh and Christina Kumar Southeast Asia

Carrie Mathena West Indies

Francis and Leena Newton Southeast Asia

Rick and Brenda Osborn Africa

Jerrel K., Sr. and Delia Shaw Mexico

The Jerry Shaw Family Jerry, Jr. and Itzen Shaw Mexico

Georg and Opal Zimmer West Indies

The Paul Zimmer Family Paul and Sherry Zimmer Micronesia