Will You Go?

Will you go and work in His fields? This very question should evoke images of the Lord of the Harvest as He spoke to His disciples in Matthew 9:37. In this passage, Christ assessed how many souls there are to harvest and how few workers there are to do His harvest work. The problem in harvest work today is not with the size of the harvest, but with the amount of the laborers that will go into His harvest fields.

Never before has the harvest been as great. The world’s population exceeds six billion people. Every second, two people die and four people are born. Most of these six billion people are on their way to Hell. When Christ left His church here, she was left with the responsibility to evangelize the entire world.

The New Testament church at Antioch knew this responsibility. As recorded in Acts 13, the Holy Spirit called out two active and attentive laborers to serve Him in the regions beyond. Those two men were Paul and Barnabas. They were called from their local church to serve in God’s distant harvest work.

God still calls people today from their churches. He calls them, with the talents and abilities they already have, to serve Him. Presently you may be serving in a church or attending a college. Perhaps you have a business and are now ready to do His business.

Harvest work is not the work of human organizations but of a divine organism, His church. Your church will be the place from where you are called, commissioned, and supported. God may be calling you today to the Harvest; if so, contact your pastor and seek his counsel. When our agency can be of help to your pastor, church, and you, contact us.