Our Philosophy

In the New Testament tradition, the Holy Spirit calls out believers. The church sends them out to the work. As an agency, we seek to serve the senders. World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions seeks to help local churches get their missionaries to the mission field.

Frequently-Asked Questions

What is your mission board’s structure?

World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions was begun by one local church pastor who had a burden for an independent fundamental Baptist missions agency in 1971. He then assembled 10 men of like faith and order to serve as messengers from their church. These men have governed the affairs of the mission on behalf of their churches. The president of the mission is next in line. He is to carry out the day to day business of the mission. The office staff then carries out his directives. The missionaries serve under their home churches and in association with our office.

What is the operation of the mission board?

  • To stand as a place of identification for a missionary.
  • To provide legal representation for a missionary.
  • To service the needs of the supporters of a missionary.
  • To service the needs of the missionary while on and off the field.

What are some of your policies?

See our By-Laws for more information.

Do you pick which field you will send your missionaries to, or does the missionary pick the field?

Neither. The Holy Spirit picks the field.

What is your requirement of mission majors coming out of college?

Our desire is the following:

  • Salvation
  • Call
  • Approval by home church
  • Survey trip
  • Deputation
  • Work with a senior doctrinally-compatible missionary, if available, on the field for a year to provide grounding

Do you ask for specific training of the mission major or are they required to take more training after they have been accepted to the mission board?

No; however, there are online orientation classes where we attempt to help our missionaries to a greater level of effectiveness.

Do you require the mission majors to have a certain grade point average to be accepted to your board?

No; however, each applicant must give a 2–4 hour verbal defense of his doctrinal positions. If the candidate studied poorly in college, they may have difficulty in this final interview with the executive board.

What accountability do you have for your missionaries?

  • The local church—regular contact.
  • The mission office – regular contact and visits.
  • The IRS—for financial accountability.

Do you help find housing for your missionaries?

Only by referral.

Do you find transportation for your missionaries?

Only by referral.

How do you encourage your missionaries when you know that they are going through a difficult time?

Phone calls, letters, visits by a representative or another missionary in an adjacent country.

Do you help re-tool your missionaries if they come back from the field and need to be caught up on some things?

Yes, through our Annual Candidate School. This is not as great of a problem as it used to be, but we are attentive to these areas.

Do you help your missionaries with their taxes and other financial matters?

While we do not file taxes for missionaries, we do have a financial reporting system in place to help reduce their tax liability.  We also have a CPA who seeks to keep us in compliance with the IRS.

Do you help the missionary with their mailing list or are they responsible for this?

Missionaries are responsible to maintain their own mailing list.  We do assist in producing and sending out their prayer letters.

Do you believe that once trained, nationals should run the church and that the missionaries should move on?


While your missionary is on deputation, do you help them book the churches?

The missionary is responsible for his schedule. However, we have men who regularly work with our missionaries seeking to get them into meetings in which they are speaking.

Do you have any missionaries in Iceland?

No, but we do have churches in Iceland who support our missionaries, and we can provide their address to you upon request. Contact us if you are interested.

Are you willing to send a missionary to Iceland?

If God is willing to call you, we are willing to work with your independent Baptist church in getting you to the field of Iceland.